Middle Office Only

'We have invested in multiple portals, but due to limitation from legacy core, we need a middle layer to empower the portals.'

Middle Office is the right solution to choose. Middle Office APIs are stable, 7*24 available, and of high performance (300 transactions per second)

Selected Front Office Portals

'We have invested in API platform that does its job well. Want to build a digital portal for channels or clients or chatbot or both'

All our portals are designed based on latest internet technology, the best practice, and are responsive to all devices. Simply integrate with your existing API platform, and apply branding requirements, the portals will be alive.

Adopt Product Engine only

'I want to do a heart surgery to replace the product engine in my system today'

Our light-weighted, DSL based product engine provides super configuration capability:

  • Leverage the product liabrary out of box
  • Fast configuration of products
  • APIs at all granulariies, from one simple rules check to bulk rating of all plans in one API.
  • Automated testing on products and APIs

Digital product experiments

'We are keen to test water on degital scenarios, but not sure about the outcome yet. Big IT investment is hard to justify.'

Simply use the middle office and chatbot as front end, you can have your digital products going alive in a few days. Pull off shelves if products dont sell with minimal cost

Social media promotion

'D2C website seems not bringing in business for us. Learned that B2B2C and B2C2C scenarios are very successful in China and US'

We have made those scenarios out of box on our platform, including:

  • Create a campaign
  • Publish posts
  • Automatic referral fee calculation
  • Portal for referrers to deem or encash points

Automation via AI technologies

'We want well-trained, ready-to-use AI solutions for insurance to automate process and speed up customer services'

Not all AIs are mature enough for insurance. But OCR, Image Recognition are. Besides the AIs, we have built portals for AI scenarios too. They are out-of-box.