Three Tiered Architecture

In the three-tiered architecture, each layer performs its own responsibilities

  • Front Office: System of innovations. Scenario-based with rapid changes. Many are offered by channels, not insurers anymore.
  • Middle Office: System of differentiation. The new business engine to enable daily transactions and fuel digital scenarios
  • Back Office: System of records. It is a center for data processing in batches, e.g., regulatory and GL posting.

Business Middle Office

BMO is consisted of highly independent components that power the daily business transactions during sales and policy lifecycle.

  • Product Services: Elements, packaging, rating, rules, templates
  • Sales Services: Channels, commission, authorities
  • Policy Services: New business, renewal, underwriting, endorsement
  • Claim Services: Notification, processinng
  • Financial Services: Billing, collection & payment

Data Middle Office

DMO is an open, semi-structured platform to accomodate any data from any sources, massage data and provide query and reporting services. Typically

  • Transaction data
  • Customers
  • Leads
  • Targets
  • Compensation

AI Middle Office

AMO integrates with mainstream AI technologies and pack such AIs to to ready-to-use in proven insurance scenarios.

  • OCR for document scanning
  • Image Recognition for car damage assessment and inspection
  • Facial Recognition for authentication

Key features of Middle Offices

  • 500+
  • 10k+
  • 30+
  • 300
  • 7*24